payload telemetry stats

So on Sunday I made a quick CouchDB view to list the callsigns that had contributed to tracking each flight. It seemed too easy to combine that with flot and produce pretty graphs, so here it is.

It is, however, quick cheap and cheerful, and is certainly no substitute for the things we have in mind / have planned for habitat.

Indeed, running with the "release early, release often" strategy means that the database is a little unorganised at the moment. The eventual plan is to have a list of 'flights', and 'testing flights', and some other stuff, and nice date ranges, so that a flight archive is easily browsable. We don't have that yet. Therefore instead, as a little hack, flights below are ordered by 'last modified time'.

The totals counted here are the number of uploaded strings for each flight - without removing cases where 2 people have uploaded the same string. It's number of telemetry documents uploaded. Note: flight-totals only include lines that successfully parse.

Some links:

Total lines in database:

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Pie chart of uploaded strings
Uploaded strings, each day
Last Week
Last Month
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